Our location

The 42 line Gutenberg Bible is listed on the UNESCO’s “Memory of the World Register”. Johannes Gutenberg invented a printing press with reusable letters that remains relevant to this day for sharing all kinds of ideas. The movable types you see as the background illustration on our website were novel and useful, and symbolize what we help to get protected for you. We consider Mainz, home of the “Man of the Millennium”, to be the ideal site from which to manage all aspects of your intellectual property – the city in which Gutenberg introduced his significant invention located in the heart of the Rhine-Main area.

The Augspurger Tesch Friderichs Patent Attorneys and Attorneys-at-Law offices are  in downtown Mainz, within a 10 minute walk of the Mainz train station. Our offices are located in a historic building with a modern extension. On the top floor of this former French consulate, where traditional and contemporary architecture merge, we have both a platform and the strategic view to give you the best legal advice on protecting and developing your intellectual property.